Monday, October 16, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tertius?

Tertius is the name of a the only landmass in the known world in Jason Kant's stories about the Tertius Knights. The name "Tertius" means "three points" in an ancient language and refers to the three points of the continent. The term is surrounded by some mystery since whoever coined it must have been familiar with ancient history. This implies that they came from a Cavern Bunker yet if this were the case they could not have known the geography of the land.

Who are the Tertius Knights?
The Knighthood is responsible for keeping the peace across Tertius and preventing mankind from starting another Earth-killing war. The Knighthood was started by John Titus Peck. Their headquarters are on a small island but Tertius Knights themselves are found in the service of every civilized kingdom on Tertius.

Who is Jason Kant?
Jason Kant is a fantasy and science-fiction writer. He began the groundwork for Tertius in 2004 and is working to share it with sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts on the web. Jason does all of his own artwork and web design to promote his work.

When will a novel be available?
This depends on the demand and the whims of the publishing industry. Jason is committed to developing a rich world and a strong fanbase. He encourages email feedback from fans or anyone who is curious about the stories. In the meantime there are stories being written for his Tertius Knights Blog. These stories will eventually be available on this site!

What is the radiation symbol all about?
First of all, the symbol is actually the symbol of a fallout shelter. The radiation symbol is the icon of an entirely different faction on the continent of Tertius. To answer the question, the fallout shelter symbol was adopted as the banner of the knighthood by John Titus Peck when he founded the Tertius Knights. He was one of the last humans to understand what the symbol meant and why it should represent the knighthood. This is a subject that Jason will eventually reveal in a story.